Lowepro Photosport 200

As the Mountain Bike World Cup season has hit a bit of a break, for the last few days I was able to grab a quick holiday in Mallorca, which also gave me a great opportunity to finally test out the Lowepro Photosport 200 which I've had sat in the house for a while.

Obviously when I'm flying out to lots of different locations with all my video kit, I need my Pro Trekker 400AW to fit it all in. Even now I'm managing to find all sorts of new cubby holes to fit more and more kit in and at some point there's going to have to be a compromise with what I can take (I think I've pretty much hit that this season). The Photosport 200 is more aimed at a photographer who needs space for a camera plus everything he/she will need to survive a day out. The bag features a small padded compartment accessible from the side for the camera and a main compartment accessed from the top.

The Lowepro Photo Sport 200

The last few days has really given me an opportunity to use the bag to it's full potential and I've realised that it's actually a great addition to have for this very purpose. If you need a bag to put your DSLR and a couple of primes and some batteries it's ideal. Not only that but it can also fit everything else you'll need for a day on the beach/city/mountains... I had the Panasonic GH3 with 20mm pancake lens and a spare battery in the camera compartment (ideal for sealing up and keeping the sand out) 2 beach towels, an iPad and food in the main compartment, a 2 litre bottle of water in the side pocket and phones, wallet and passport in the top zipped pocket. It's comfortable and light to wear and also features two handy zips on the waist straps to put anything from lens caps to spare cards, batteries or spare euros. It also has quite a large open pocket for chucking extra things in at the front for quick access.

Bird in the sun

Unfortunately we were shut down in our attempts to hire scooters but if we had it would have been even more useful as it was absolutely no hassle to wear all day, plus being bright orange you're going to have no problem being seen from behind.

Mallorca sunset

Amazingly enough the bag wasn't the only kit revelation of the trip. I got to test out the f1.7 20mm pancake lens for my GH3 for the first time since I got the camera. I bought this lens with the GH3 as a start out lens but I quickly decided to purchase a second hand Red Rock adapter from ebay so I could use Canon lenses on the camera. I had been contemplating selling the lens but after this trip I think I'll keep it for trips like this when I need a small form factor, plus the images are great!

Lowepro also do a bigger size Photosport bag, check out their range here:

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